The basic tours

  1. Siberia
  2. Far East, Primorye
  3. • Avacha Volcano (Kamchatka)
  4. • Annachag (Magadan region)
  5. • Bahapcha (Magadan region)
  6. • Bastak (Jewish Autonomous Region)
  7. • Gilyuy (Amur region)
  8. • Dzhugdzhur Mountain (Khabarovsk region)
  9. • Dusse-Alin (Khabarovsk region)
  10. • Zeya river (Khabarovsk region)
  11. • Kunashir Island (Kuril Islands)
  12. • Koryakia (Kamchatka)
  13. • Commander Islands (Kamchatsky District)
  14. • Cedar Valley (Primorye)
  15. • Maya river (Khabarovsk region)
  16. • Nora river (Amur Region)
  17. • Nalycha Volcano (Kamchatka)
  18. • Omulevka river (Magadan region)
  19. • Paramushir Island (Kuril Islands)
  20. • Sakhalin Island and Moneron Island
  21. • Sikhote-Alin (Primorye)
  22. • Alaid Heart (Kamchatka)
  23. • Talan Island (Magadan region)
  24. • Tolbanchik Volcano(Kamchatka)
  25. • Tiger Place (Khabarovsk region)
  26. • Uzon volcano (Kamchatka)
  27. • Shantar islands (Khabarovsk region)
  28. • Yakutia
  29. Center
  30. South and Povolgie
  31. Northwest
  32. Altai, Khakassia, Tuva
  33. Urals
  34. Polar expeditions
  35. Central Asia
  36. Crimea

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Far East, Primorye | Sakhalin Island and Moneron Island



Reserve mountains are covered in spruce and silver fir taiga, consisting of ayanskaya spruce and sakhalinskaya fir, crooked birch and dense cedar undergrowth. Sometimes taiga merges into mountain tundra. On coastal terraces taiga gives place to undergrowth and ocean meadows. The reserve is home to brown bear, northern deer, sable, otter, Sakhalin musk deer, Aleut sea-swallow, sea eagle, peregrine. Guillemot, kittiwake, black tail seagull and others nests on the cliffs.

Moneron Island is an extinct volcano with unique coastal underwater landscape. It’s situated in Tatarskiy strait water area, 50 km to the south of Sakhalin Island. Tropical and subtropical species live here: Far East trepan, scallop, Grey mussel, sand-dollar, finger-fish, gigantic octopus, Kamchatka crab, black cowfish, dolphin, more than 270 fish species, sea lion, seal. There are a lot of bird colonies on the seashore.


14 days, 1200km




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Far East, Primorye | Sakhalin Island and Moneron Island | Summer 2013

Sakhalin - Moneron - Jeeping in Sakhalin island  and sea trip to the Moneron island Sakhalin - Moneron. Sakhalin region is the only one in the country  which located on 59 islands. Its include the Sakhalin island, Moneron island, the Tyuleny island ( the seals island), two Kuril Islands, etc. Separated from the continent by the Tatar Strait and the Strait of Nevel, and from the south ...
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