The basic tours

  1. Siberia
  2. Far East, Primorye
  3. Center
  4. South and Povolgie
  5. Northwest
  6. Altai, Khakassia, Tuva
  7. Urals
  8. Polar expeditions
  9. • Wrangel Island
  10. • The Northern Sea Route (Ytygran)
  11. • Whalen (sea trip to the islands of the Chukchi Sea)
  12. • North Pole
  13. • Franz Josef Land (FJL)
  14. • Spitsbergen or Svalbard archipelago
  15. Central Asia
  16. Crimea

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Polar expeditions | The Northern Sea Route (Ytygran)

The Northern Sea Route (Ytygran) - tour Круиз по Северному Морскому пути из Анадыря ( Чукотка) в Мурманск The Northern Sea Route (Chukchi Sea, Novosibirsk Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, the Barents Sea) 26 days sea trip with landing on the islands. For the first time the route has been passed by the expedition of  Nils Nordenskjold on the barge "Vega" in the 1878-79 years. Wrangel ...
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Polar expeditions | Whalen (sea trip to the islands of the Chukchi Sea)

Whalen (sea trip to the islands of the Chukchi Sea) - tour Sea trip to the islands of the Chukchi Sea The Chukchi Sea,  Ytygran islands, Kolyuchin island and Wrangel island, Diomina island. Wrangel Island - a unique biosphere reserve, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage site. On the island there are the highest variety of the arctic flora. Tou will have the opportunity to see ...
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Polar expeditions | North Pole

North Pole - tour Круиз к Северному полюсу из Мурманска The North Pole, also known as the Geographic North Pole or Terrestrial North Pole, is, subject to the caveats explained below, defined as the point in the Northern Hemisphere where the Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface. It should not be confused with the North Magnetic Pole.The ...
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Polar expeditions | Franz Josef Land (FJL)

Franz Josef Land (FJL) - tour Новый тур Franz Josef Land, Franz Joseph Land, or Francis Joseph's Land  is an archipelago located in the far north of Russia. It is found in the Arctic Ocean north of Novaya Zemlya or New Land and east of Spitsbergen or Svalbard, and is administered by Arkhangelsk region. Franz Josef Land ...
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Polar expeditions | Spitsbergen or Svalbard archipelago

Spitsbergen or Svalbard archipelago - tour Морской круиз вокруг Шпицбергена Spitsbergen (formerly known as West Spitsbergen is the largest and only permanently populated island of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. Constituting the westernmost bulk of the archipelago, it borders the Arctic Ocean, the Norwegian Sea and the Greenland Sea. Spitsbergen covers an area of ...
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Polar expeditions | Wrangel Island

Wrangel Island - tour ATV tour on the western side of the Wrangel island Wrangel Island  is an island in the Arctic Ocean, between the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea.  The closest land to Wrangel Island is tiny and rocky Herald Island located 60 km (37 mi) to the east. The distance to the closest point on the mainland is 140 km ...
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