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Far East, Primorye | Yakutia

   Yakutia is the wildest and unexplored place in the world.

   Our routes to Suntar-Hamat are absolutely unique. Nessesary a helicopter to reach  this the most beautiful place in the world.

Ridge is located in the south of Yakutia - a unique natural complex - where there are no hunters and local residents, but there are a lot of wild animals and endemic plants.

   The Route to the Ust-Lensky Reserve in northern Yakutia is interesting for  bird lovers and photographers,there are
thousands beluga whales here in the early summer .

Preparing the route to the Valley of Yakutian boiler (large copper formations) and the valley of the fall of the celestial body, presumably artificial ...

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Far East, Primorye | Yakutia | Summer 2013

Suntar Hamat - Suntar Hamat.
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Far East, Primorye | Yakutia | Summer 2013

Ust-Lensky Reserve - Ust-Lensky Reserve Ust-Lensky Reserve. Ust - Lensky Reserve. Lena - one of the greatest river of northern Central Siberia.  Lena Delta Wildlife Reserve is a “scientific nature reserve") located in the delta of the Lena River in Sakha Republic, in the far north of eastern Siberia, Russia. It has a total land area of ...
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