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Polar expeditions | The Northern Sea Route (Ytygran)

The Northern Sea Route (Chukchi Sea, Novosibirsk Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, the Barents Sea)

26 days sea trip with landing on the islands. For the first time the route has been passed by the expedition of  Nils Nordenskjold on the barge "Vega" in the 1878-79 years. Wrangel Island is located between the East Siberian sea and Chukchi sea at the junction of the western and eastern hemispheres and is divided 180th meridian into two almost equal parts. Separated from the mainland by the Strait Long. 

Medvezhyi Islands or Bear Islands - a group of six islands in the Arctic Ocean, the part of Yakutia. Located in the East Siberian Sea, to the north of the mouth of the Kolyma River. Siberian Islands is an archipelago between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea, belong to Yakutia, are part of the buffer zone of the Ust-Lensky State Nature Reserve . It consists of 3 groups of islands: Lyakhovsky Islands, Anjou and De Long Islands.

Severnaya Zemlya or the Northern land is located between the northern Kara Sea and the Laptev Sea. From the continent (Krasnoyarsk Territory) separated by the Vilkitski Strait . Novaya Zemlya or the New land consists of two large islands of the North and the South, and a number of smaller ones. The islands are separated the Barents Sea from  the Kara sea. The landscape of the island is mountainous , numerous fjords go deep into the western slope of the North Island (30-40 km). The large glaciers descend to the sea . 

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Polar expeditions | The Northern Sea Route (Ytygran) | Summer 2013

Круиз по Северному Морскому пути из Анадыря ( Чукотка) в Мурманск - Круиз по Северному Морскому пути из Анадыря ( Чукотка) в Мурманск. Остров Ытыгран - уникальный памятник культуры чукчей 14 века. Весь остров - это заповедник. На территории острова расположена Аллея китов, составленная из ребер, вертикально врытых в землю и нижних челюстей этих животных. Но куда ведет эта аллея? Кто и зачем ее создал? Есть легенда, что ...
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