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Far East, Primorye | Paramushir Island (Kuril Islands)



The Kurils are a group of islands between Kamchatka and Khodaydo Island. There are North and South Kurils, but the division is purely formal.

Flora of the islands consists of cedar layer, alder bushes, honeysweet groves; mountain hills are covered in swamp and taiga plants. Bear, fox, hare, small rodent, fur seal, seal, sea lion, cachalot, fin whale, bottlenose is characteristic to Kuril fauna. The islands are home to many bird nests like storm petrel, albatross on the seaside; mallard, diver, teal, sea tufted duck, scoter, red-throated diver, woodcock, gull, sea swallow on the lakes. There are a lot of bird colonies of gulls, guillemots and others on the seashore. Crabs, sand-dollars, Mollusca, sea anemones, medusas, holothurian live here.

North Kurils are a chain of active volcanos.

The islands used to be the territory of ancient people ainy, but in the 17 century the northern Kurils were annexed to Russia by Kazaks. Only 3 south Kuril and 2 north Kuril Islands are inhabited at preset. The full number of the Kurils is 20. All of them are the volcanos.

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Far East, Primorye | Paramushir Island (Kuril Islands) | Summer 2013

North Kurils cruise - North Kurils cruise on a special boad with apparatus for diving North Kurils cruise. В этой экспедиции вы погрузитесь в атмосферу эпохи великих географических открытий, пройдя на судне вдоль цепочки Северных Курил. Туристических маршрутов вдольСеверных Курил, вдоль западного побережья Камчатки и вокруг острова Сахалин, а также вдоль побережья Охотского моря и вдоль берега ...
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