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Far East, Primorye | Talan Island (Magadan region)

  The Talan island is known for availability of the biggest colony of birds in northern part of Okhotskoe sea  . Total number of birds in a colony reaches about  1,8 million birds; daily they eat about 200 tons of fish and sea invertebrates. On the island there are 147 species of birds, basically migratory..

  The travel to the northern islands of the Okhotskoe Sea will allow you to immerse yourself into the world of wild north. The island has many wild animals and birds.

The island has the largest number of foxs (Hybrid of the red and chernoburaya foxs) with the most incredible combinations of colors, including striped coloring.

  Magadan region is in the northeastern part of Siberia, located on the coast of Okhotskoe Sea  in the tundra and taiga zones. The vegetation is not rich the species . The forest consists of the larches and shrubs dwarf birches. Animals: weasel, hare, bear, wolf, wild reindeer, wolverine, fox. In the taiga zone is elk, lynx, squirrel. For tundra the rodents are typical . The  bighorn sheep and musk deer, marmots and ground squirrel live in mountain regions. In the Okhotskoe sea you can meet  seals and sea lions, and whales - and beluga whale.  There are also fresh fishes: white salmon, whitefish, cisco, whitefish, whitefish, whitefish, schokur, baranatka and others. In the mountain rivers there are: graylings, goldilocks,  and in mountain lakes there are - pikes, carps, perchs.

14 days, 540km

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Far East, Primorye | Talan Island (Magadan region) | Summer 2013

Talan island and Magadan reserve - Cruise along the Magadan bay with visiting the Magadan reserve and Talan island. Talan island and Magadan reserve. Magadan region is situated in the north-western part of Siberia on Okhotskoye Sea in tundra and taiga zones. Flora is poor and low. Forest is a stunted sparse growth of larch and low birch or cedar layer undergrowth. It’s home to ermine, lepus, brown bear, wolf, wild northern deer, ...
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