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Far East, Primorye | Nora river (Amur Region)



The reserve is situated in the interfluve of the Selemdzha and the Nora in Amur region. The relief is sloping, the climate is acutely continental. Black and Japanese crane, black and Far-East stork, sea eagle, owl nests here. One of the main attraction of the area is migrant roe herds 7 000 in number. Amur tiger and elk roam here sometimes. Forests cover more than half of the territory. They consist mostly of birch and larch. Other territories are wetland.

Conifers (mid taiga) meet deciduous forests(south taiga) and intervene with Siberian, Okhotsk and Manchurian species.

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Far East, Primorye | Nora river (Amur Region) | Summer 2013

Nora river rafting in Amur region - Nora river rafting in the Amur region and visiting the cemetery of dinosaurs Nora river rafting in Amur region. In the valley of Nora river there are the largest wild population of Capreolus pygargu(lat.) - the Siberian roe. The seven thousand herd migrates in winter to warmer areas, but in the summer you can meet them on the plains. During the rafting  you will have the greatest opportunity to ...
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