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Far East, Primorye | Dzhugdzhur Mountain (Khabarovsk region)


Ulya riverhead is in Dzhugdzhur spurs. The river flows to the north-east cutting Pribrezhniy ridge into precipices descending to the sea and Dzhugdzhur. The first Kazak expedition led by Moskvitin was moving this way during their pioneering trip to the Far East. First Russian settlement was founded by them. The Ulya is very picturesque with a lot of cliffs and a canyon where it falls from 12m height. In July and August great many fish comes spawning here /chum salmon, hunchback salmon and coho salmon/. There are a lot of opportunities to watch dozens of bears here while rafting at this time of year. Elk, deer, argali could be watched on the nearby knolls. There is a lot of loach and big grayling / a kilo and more/ in the Ulya, so it’s a fascinating place for fishing enthusiasts. A hunting camp is 80km from the river mouth to have a stay and a bath. The Ulya falls into Okhotskoye Sea. Herds of seals go as far as 50km up the river to fish breeding bottoms. The Ulya rafting is a fascinating experience for photo hunters who won’t be short of opportunities to take close pictures of bears and other river inhabitants.

14 дней, 1 800 км

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Far East, Primorye | Dzhugdzhur Mountain (Khabarovsk region) | Summer 2013

Ulya river rafting, Dzhugdzhur reserve (Khabarovsk region)   - Ulya river rafting, Dzhugdzhur reserve (Khabarovsk region) Ulya river rafting, Dzhugdzhur reserve (Khabarovsk region) .   Acquaintance with the Khabarovsk region give you a lot unforgettable impressions from the wild animals and birds: Varied landscapes, beautiful lotus in the flowering season, the meadow flowers, bears, elks, deer, foxes, ferrets and sables, lynxes . .
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