The basic tours

  1. Siberia
  2. Far East, Primorye
  3. • Avacha Volcano (Kamchatka)
  4. • Annachag (Magadan region)
  5. • Bahapcha (Magadan region)
  6. • Bastak (Jewish Autonomous Region)
  7. • Gilyuy (Amur region)
  8. • Dzhugdzhur Mountain (Khabarovsk region)
  9. • Dusse-Alin (Khabarovsk region)
  10. • Zeya river (Khabarovsk region)
  11. • Kunashir Island (Kuril Islands)
  12. • Koryakia (Kamchatka)
  13. • Commander Islands (Kamchatsky District)
  14. • Cedar Valley (Primorye)
  15. • Maya river (Khabarovsk region)
  16. • Nora river (Amur Region)
  17. • Nalycha Volcano (Kamchatka)
  18. • Omulevka river (Magadan region)
  19. • Paramushir Island (Kuril Islands)
  20. • Sakhalin Island and Moneron Island
  21. • Sikhote-Alin (Primorye)
  22. • Alaid Heart (Kamchatka)
  23. • Talan Island (Magadan region)
  24. • Tolbanchik Volcano(Kamchatka)
  25. • Tiger Place (Khabarovsk region)
  26. • Uzon volcano (Kamchatka)
  27. • Shantar islands (Khabarovsk region)
  28. • Yakutia
  29. Center
  30. South and Povolgie
  31. Northwest
  32. Altai, Khakassia, Tuva
  33. Urals
  34. Polar expeditions
  35. Central Asia
  36. Crimea

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Place of power: Cedar Valley (Primorye) | Other tours of this place of power

Tour «Cedar Valley, Sea reserves, Deer park in Primorye» | Photo gallery | Video gallery | Booking Request | Review

Photogallery. Cedar Valley, Sea reserves, Deer park in Primorye
Photogallery. Cedar Valley, Sea reserves, Deer park in Primorye


The flora of the reserve consists of forest plants, cedar forests. There are many rare plants there, including ginseng. It’s home to wild boar, Manchurian deer, musk deer, white fronted bear, Siberian weasel, chiffchaff, blue nightingale, nuthatch, hazel-grouse, Capricorn beetle – the biggest bug in Russia, tropical butterflies. Khanka Lake is home to turtle, a lot of bird species and fascinating lotus. Amur tiger live here. Sea reserve is inhabited by largha seal, dolphin, sea-swine, black cowfish, small rorqual; underwater organisms: Coelenterata (actinia, medusa, ctenophora), Mollusca, Cephalopoda (octopus, cuttle), Echinodermata (sand dollar, asteroid, holothurians), and a lot of fish. There are big bird colonies on the islands.

Not far from Vladivostok there is the mountain Pidan . There are evidences that this area was the residence of ancient civilization, perhaps even more ancient than existed the ancient state Bohai in Primorye. The depths of mountain has not been studied. Perhaps this is the legendary Gaotsyanshan Magic Mountainwhich is described in the  Chinese ancient  epic.

mini cost:44000 руб
maxi cost:52000 руб
dates of arrival:01/06/2012 - 15/09/0000
Day 1

Arrival to Vladivostok. Spare day. Dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 2 Day in Vladivostok (acclimatization). Excursions and sightseeing. Overnight in the hotel.
Day 3 Early breakfast.7:00 - 13:00 - Transfer by bus to Marble Bay (Khasan district , the Sea Reserve border ).

13:00 - Arrival to the resort, Lunch. Accommodation. Wooden houses for 3 people. WC is in the courtyard. Rest, free time. Dinner.
Day 4 9:00 am - Breakfast. Boat trip to the bay Krabbe peninsula  for all day.

13:30 - Lunch on the beach of one of the
peninsula bay. Walking around, swimming in the sea.
19:00 - Dinner at the resort.
Day 5 Breakfast.

09:00 - 14:00 - Boat trip to
the Furugelm islands through the Michelson stones and the rookeries of spotted seal . Meeting with the huntsman, instructions about the rules of staying in the Far Eastern Marine Reserve. Hiking tour -  "The southern island of Russia" by the ecological trail of island (2 hours). Picnic.. Rest. Swimming in the Furugelm bay .

14:00 - 18:30 - Further transfer by boat to the  cape of the island Falshivii. Tour by the ecological trail with climbing to the Cape of the island (1 hour). Return to the Marble Bay.

19:00 pm. - Dinner. Free time.
Day 6  Free time. Swimming in the sea. Excursions at an additional cost (if you want).
Day 7 9:00 - Breakfast, boating for all day to the Kalevala bay. Lunch on the beach.

19:00 - Dinner.
Day 8 9:00  - Breakfast. Free time, swimming and the rest on the sea.

13:00 - Lunch. Preparation for departure.

16:30 - Transfer by individual bus (without group) to the Deer Park. Excursion.

Transfer to the Vityaz village (Khasan district) . Accommodation.

Dinner. Hiking tour.
Day 9 Breakfast.

Excursion by car for all day with the visiting of the
Telyakovskii bay  and the lighthouse at Gamov Cape . Picnic.

Dinner at the resort.
Day 10 Breakfast.

Hiking tour for all day with the visiting of the
Astafeva bay and the Salvation bay (sea reserve district). Picnic.

Dinner at the resort.
Day 11 Breakfast.

Departure by bus to the
Barabash village . Acquaintance with the visitor center WWF, the story about  the rarest cat - the Amur leopard. Picnic .

Transfer to the Primorskii village.

Tour by the ecological trail in the reserve "Cedar Valley".

Transfer to Vladivostok . Accommodation in the hotel.
Day 12 6:00 - Departure by bus from Vladivostok.

6:00 - 8:30 - Arrival to the
Lukyanovka village ,Shkotovsky district.

Breakfast - picnic.

Transplant in the car (GAZ-66), and transfer to
foot of the mountain Pidan (Livadia, 1333 m), it takes about one hour .

10:00 - 14:00 - Climbing to the top of the mountain. Sports route. Who can not climb will rest and take pictures of Ussuri taiga.

14:00 - 15:00 - rest on a mountain top.

15:00 - 19:00 - Descent.

Dinner - picnic.

19:00 - 20:00 - Transfer by car to the bus.

20:00 - 22:30 - Transfer by bus to Vladivostok.

Mount Pidan (Livadia, 1333 m) - one of the most beautiful mountains of southern Primorye. Mountain is
difficult , that is why you need the comfortable shoes and clothing.
Day 13 Breakfast. Excursions for extra cost or free time:

- Observation areas of Vladivostok

- Aquarium on Russian Island,

- Safari park,

- Forts of  Vladivostok fortress.
Day 14 Breakfast.

Transfer to the airport  . Flight to Moscow.


Necessary  to take warm clothes-Polar fleece jacket, pants, underwear (2 sets) and waterproof jacket, hiking clothing made from natural fabrics,good shoes,high boots. Trekking stick.
Basin, spoon, cup, knife, water bottle and a folding chair (or smth to sit)
sunscreen and chapping cream,  mosquito cream and flashlight