The basic tours

  1. Siberia
  2. Far East, Primorye
  3. • Avacha Volcano (Kamchatka)
  4. • Annachag (Magadan region)
  5. • Bahapcha (Magadan region)
  6. • Bastak (Jewish Autonomous Region)
  7. • Gilyuy (Amur region)
  8. • Dzhugdzhur Mountain (Khabarovsk region)
  9. • Dusse-Alin (Khabarovsk region)
  10. • Zeya river (Khabarovsk region)
  11. • Kunashir Island (Kuril Islands)
  12. • Koryakia (Kamchatka)
  13. • Commander Islands (Kamchatsky District)
  14. • Cedar Valley (Primorye)
  15. • Maya river (Khabarovsk region)
  16. • Nora river (Amur Region)
  17. • Nalycha Volcano (Kamchatka)
  18. • Omulevka river (Magadan region)
  19. • Paramushir Island (Kuril Islands)
  20. • Sakhalin Island and Moneron Island
  21. • Sikhote-Alin (Primorye)
  22. • Alaid Heart (Kamchatka)
  23. • Talan Island (Magadan region)
  24. • Tolbanchik Volcano(Kamchatka)
  25. • Tiger Place (Khabarovsk region)
  26. • Uzon volcano (Kamchatka)
  27. • Shantar islands (Khabarovsk region)
  28. • Yakutia
  29. Center
  30. South and Povolgie
  31. Northwest
  32. Altai, Khakassia, Tuva
  33. Urals
  34. Polar expeditions
  35. Central Asia
  36. Crimea

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Place of power: Kunashir Island (Kuril Islands) | Other tours of this place of power

Tour «South Kuriles, cruise to the Kunashir,Shikotan,Urup, Iturup islands.» | Photo gallery | Video gallery | Booking Request | Review

Photogallery. South Kuriles, cruise to the  Kunashir,Shikotan,Urup, Iturup islands.
Photogallery. South Kuriles, cruise to the  Kunashir,Shikotan,Urup, Iturup islands.

Flora of the islands consists of cedar layer, alder bushes, honeysweet groves; mountain hills are covered in swamp and taiga plants. Bear, fox, hare, small rodent, fur seal, seal, sea lion, cachalot, fin whale, bottlenose is characteristic to Kuril fauna. The islands are home to many bird nests like storm petrel, albatross on the seaside; mallard, diver, teal, sea tufted duck, scoter, red-throated diver, woodcock, gull, sea swallow on the lakes. There are a lot of bird colonies of gulls, guillemots and others on the seashore. Crabs, sand-dollars, Mollusca, sea anemones, medusas, holothurian live here.

South Kurils are a chain of active volcanos.

The islands used to be the territory of ancient people ainy, but in the 17 century the northern Kurils were annexed to Russia by Kazaks. Only 3 south Kuril and 2 north Kuril Islands are inhabited at preset. The full number of the Kurils is 20. All of them are the volcanos.

mini cost:200000 руб
maxi cost:250000 руб
dates of arrival:15/05/2012 - 01/09/2012
Day1 Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Transfer to the port  Korsakov. Night in the port. Dinner on board.
Day 2 Departure to Kunashir island by the sea. Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the board. Sea trip is abput 38 hours.
Day 3 Arrival to Yuzhno-Kurilsk. Dreakfast. Excursion on the ecological walking trail of Kurilskiy reserve along Stolbchatiy cape (there is a unique microclimate and species composition of flora there), visiting the hot springs, field kitchen. Return to the boad, dinner, overnight.
Day 4 Breakfast.Hiking to the north extremity of the island to Tyatya-yama volcano.Excursion to the food of the volcano to lava field. Overnight on the board.
Day 5 Breakfast. Arrival to Malaya Kurilskaya Ridge (9 islands, 105 km long to the northeast). Landing at Tcherkovnaya bay (Shikotan Island), the most beautiful place in the Kurils. Excursion. Lunch. Trip to the neighboring bay of Opalovaya. Boat trip to bird colony. Evening departure to Iturup island. Meals and overnight on the board.
Day 6 Breakfast. Arrival to Iturup Island. Mooring at Dobroye Nachalo bay. Boat trip to Lvinaya past bay to seal breeding ground and bird colony on the Kamen Lva cliff. Lunch on the board. Evening debarkation at Nadezhda bay fishing and taking pectures. Return to the boad. Overnight.
Day 7 Arrival to Kitoviy village port. Breakfast. Car excursion to hot waterfalls of Baranovskiy volcano and to fumarole fields. Arrival to the bath of the Kipyaschiy creek. You can take bath in springs no more then 15 min. Lunch. Return to the boad. Overnight on the board. Night sea transfer to Medvezhya bay.
Day 8 Ariival. Breakfast. Climbing Kudryaviy volcano. Overnight at a house of volcanist. Gas- masks are required.There are bears there.
Day 9 Breakfast. Observation of volcanic activity. Gas- masks are required. Descending to the bay, return to the boad. Lunch and the rest on the board. Overnight.
Day 10 Breakfast. Sea trip to the Urup, admiring the highest Russian waterfall Ilya Muromets, out to the west coast of the island. Meals and overnight on the boad.
Day 11

Breakfast. Urup Island. Mooring between Neschastye and Zhdi capes.Debarkation near abandoned weather station. Fishing. Lunch -  fish-soup. Optional photo hunting for black foxes and birds. Return to the boad. Sea trip to Nataliya bay. Nataliya waterfall. Debarkation. Return to the boad. Sea trip to Sakhalin, to the Korsakovo port. Meals and overnight on the boad.

Day 12 Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the boad.Observation seascapes
Day 13 Breakfast. Arrival to the Korsakovo port. Transfer to airport.


  Necessary  to take warm clothes-Polar fleece jacket, pants, underwear (2 sets) and waterproof jacket, hiking clothing made from natural fabrics,good shoes,high boots. Trekking stick.
Basin, spoon, cup, knife, water bottle and a folding chair (or smth to sit)
sunscreen and chapping cream,  mosquito cream and flashlight.