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Place of power: Annachag (Magadan region) | Other tours of this place of power

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Photogallery. Annachag (Magadan region) tour.
Photogallery. Annachag (Magadan region) tour.

  Annachag is a unique place, there is a very interesting place here - the lake of graylings. At sunset hundreds of them jumping out of the water and catch gnats. Grayling Lake is situated at 778 meters above sea level -  lower than Jack London Lake (808 m.)
Jack London Lake - the most romantic place in the  Kolyma River. It lies in the middle of a beautiful mountain terrain. Its length - 10 km, width - 1.5-2.0 km.
The highest point is Aborigine peak. Height of 2287 m

10 days, 350 km

mini cost:120000 руб
maxi cost:150000 руб
dates of arrival:01/06/2012 - 01/09/2012
Day 1 Meeting at the airport in Magadan. Accommodation, shopping, city excursion.
Day 2 Transfer to settlement "The Berry". Lunch. Pitching the tent camp. Dinner
Day 3 Conducting hiking trails around the lake. (Will depending of the weather).

Safety Instruction. Dinner
Day 4

Breakfast. Rest. Lunch. A walk to the natural landscape along the creek. Fishing. Dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast. One day hiking route. Lunch. Dinner on the lake of Dancing grayling. Fishing for connoisseurs Here you can see a real ballet grayling. Overnight in tents.

Day 6

Breakfast. Walking route. Lunch, dinner .Walking and boat trips around the lake, trips to the islands. Group of lakes located in a small basin and is surrounded by mountain ranges. You can visit the Rock Circus at the foot of the Aboriginal peak  - the highest peak of the Magadan region, you can see  bighorn sheep! Overnight in tents.

Day 7 Breakfast. Walking route. Lunch, dinner. Lakes located in a small basin and its surrounded by mountain ranges. Overnight in tents.
Day 8

Breakfast. Walking route. Lunch, dinner. Overnight in tents.

Day 9 Breakfast. Preparations for departure. Arrival in Magadan.
Day 10 Breakfast. Transfer to the airport "Magadan".


Necessary  to take warm clothes-Polar fleece jacket, pants, underwear (2 sets) and waterproof jacket, hiking clothing made from natural fabrics,good shoes,high boots.Dresses for rafting.  Trekking stick.
Basin, spoon, cup, knife, water bottle and a folding chair (or smth to sit)
sunscreen and chapping cream,  mosquito cream and flashlight, small camping chair.