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  8. Polar expeditions
  9. • Wrangel Island
  10. • The Northern Sea Route (Ytygran)
  11. • Whalen (sea trip to the islands of the Chukchi Sea)
  12. • North Pole
  13. • Franz Josef Land (FJL)
  14. • Spitsbergen or Svalbard archipelago
  15. Central Asia
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Place of power: Wrangel Island | Other tours of this place of power

Tour «ATV tour on the western side of the Wrangel island » | Photo gallery | Video gallery | Booking Request | Review

Photogallery. ATV tour on the western side of the Wrangel island
Photogallery. ATV tour on the western side of the Wrangel island

 Wrangel Island is a unique monument of nature,  included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This  island is a nature reserve of polar bears, musk oxen, walruses, foxes and various of birds (including the legendary pink gull), and the island of the richest species plant compositions

The island once was the part of the ancient continent of Beringia, which also included Alaska.

Excavations have shown that thousands of years ago the island was inhabited by tribes of primitive people. Once the climate has changed and becomes more severe and people left the island. 

You can meet on Wrangel Island  a small subspecies of the ancient mammal.



mini cost:200000 руб
maxi cost:300000 руб
dates of arrival:01/07/2012 - 01/09/2012
day 1 Flight Moscow- Pevek.
day 2

Meeting in Pevek and transfer to the unique vintage hotel of the city, built in Stalin's time. Accomodation. Lunch. After a short rest  you will be offered sightseeing excursion.  In the evening Dinner and free time.

day 3 After breakfast, at 9:00 am  transfer  to the  Komsomolsk village (230 km to the east). Helicopter transfer to Wrangel Island. There is the Old North Chukchi tract between Pevek and  Komsomolsk village, during five hours transfer you can you will be able to watch the Chukotka landscapes, if you're lucky - you can see and make photos of the brown bear and reindeer. Stop for making photos. Lunch. Transfer to the hotel, accomodation at the hotel in Komsomolsk village. Dinner and entertainment program.
day 4 After breakfast ,at 9:00 am , helicopter tour to Longa Strait (140 miles wide at its narrowest part). On your left there is the  Novosibirsk sea, and on the right - the Chukchi sea. Landing in the Somnitelnoe village, accomodation  in guest houses of reserve “Wrangel Island”. Then you will have a lunch and a short walk to the walrus rookery, where you can watch the sunset and take pictures of walruses and polar bears . In the evening, you will be offered: russian bath, dinner, strong drinks and tea.  
day 5 Breakfast. ATV excursion . Lunch. Photo tour.
day 6

After breakfast, at 9:00 am jeeping along the coast to the places, where the ancient man lived, where you can find stone head of the arrow. Further jeeping to the rocks where you can see ancient inscriptions.

On the coast you can meet polar bear. Then the route continues  to the Mammoth River, during jeeping you can meet musk oxen, polar owl, tundorovaya duck,  can find huge mammoth tusks, and his teeth in the river channel.
   In the evening you will get to the first camp - accomodation, dinner, tea, and strong drinks.

day 7 After breakfast at 9:00 am transfer to the cliffs above the ​​Novosibirsk sea , where you can watch sometimes  whales. Also duting the route you can meet musk oxen and polar bears. Further  - return to the camp, hot lunch. After lunch - moving north along the  Komsomolsk creek. In the evening we reach the next camp in Goose house (Gusinoe house ), where , not far from this place, during the summer you can watch the only one in the world population of the wild geese . Not far from the river you can find mammoth teeth and tusks. Dinner, tea, and strong drinks.
day 8 In the morning, after breakfast at 9:00 am, transfer  to the sea – to the bird colonies. You can meet a bear. Field kitchen. Further the route goes to Komsomol Lake,to the first location of American explorers and  the Chukchi location. There are skins and skulls walrus around the old buildings. Return to the camp. Dinner.
day 9 In the morning, after breakfast, transfer to the Mammoth River, to its headsprings. Stop to make photos of landscapes of the island. Lunch. We can meet reindeer, polar bears and musk oxen, foxes. Dinner. Overnight at the lodge on the river.
day 10 After  breakfast transfer to Somnitelnoe village . By the route it is possible to meet the polar bears, musk oxen, arctic foxes and reindeer. You can watch a great view of the northern tundra and the south valley. Return to camp.Lunch . Excursion to walrus rookery. In the evening - russian bath and dinner.
day 11    After breakfast at 9:00 am. you will have  two hours to get ready . In the afternoon  helicopter transfer ( MI-8) to  Komsomolsk, jeeping to Pevek, dinner and overnight in a  hotel.
day 12

Breakfast. Departure to Pevek. Lunch. Excursion to the Chukchi reindeer herders camp by road. Arrival in Pevek. Hotel accomodation. Dinner. Overnight.

day 13 Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Moscow. Accomodation in the hotel. Farewell dinner in restaurant.
day 14 Transfer to the airport.


You should bring : warm clothes, warm underwear, fleece pants and coats, rubber boots, hats, gloves (Polar fleece jacket, pants, underwear, good trekking boots), a flask, a knife, matches,a spoon,   a plate, a cup, something to sit down during the rest, a thermos bottle, sunglasses, flashlight, cream  and spray for mosquitoes , handy stick for trekking; some food you can’t do without.There are no shops by the route, that is why you should buy everything you need in advance and it must be packed in a water-resistant bag for the whole time of the expedition.

Do not take a lot   photo equipments.

Electricity is limited. Solar battery makes computer work possible and charges photo and video cameras.